Episode 34: Alien Information Theory with Dr. Andrew Gallimore

April 4, 2020

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Dr. Andrew Gallimore.  Dr. Gallimore is a neurobiologist, chemist, and pharmacologist, with a focus on the relationship between psychedelic drugs, the brain, and consciousness as they relate to the structure of reality. He is currently based at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan. We discussed his Alien Information Theory and more. Please enjoy this episode with Dr. Andrew Gallimore.

Questions we discussed: 

  1. Alien Information Theory: what is that?
  2. What sparked your curiosity, what excited you about DMT and reality?
  3. What is the relationship between DMT, the brain and consciousness?
  4. What is reality? I hear people, after a psychedelic experience, ask, “Was that real?”
  5. Does consciousness originate from the brain, or from outside the brain?
    1. From a fundamental code?
    2. The brain constructs our subjective experiences?
    3. The brain evolved to represent the informational structure of any world that appears [to its] consciousness?
      1. Alien DMT reality…what is that?
      2. DMT is an ancestral neuromodulator…again, what does that mean?
      3. Practicality: What insight does DMT provide into reality?
      4. We’re playing in a cosmic game?
      5. How does DMT work in the brain?
      6. How does it affect consciousness?
  6. With DMT, we can become interdimensional “citizens” in hyperspace. What does that mean? How does that work?
  7. What’s next from you?
  8. What breakthroughs do you see coming in understanding consciousness?
  9. What outcomes can we expect from Alien Information Theory?
  10. What else?
  11. Paper with Rick Strassman to use anesthesia to extend the DMT experience

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