A lay person’s perspective on a wonderful topic, The Consciousness Podcast aims to bring complex ideas from the world’s experts to us regular folks who are interested in our amazing minds. We have over 60,000 streams (audio and video) in just 32 episodes (so far), a growing following on YouTube, and an email subscriber and Facebook page base that grows weekly.

My name is Stuart Preston, and I’m passionate about human consciousness. I began exploring consciousness when I lost my son in 2015. I naturally wondered if consciousness survived physical death. I’m still not convinced. However, in doing a bit of research, I found some amazing thinkers out there trying to find the answers of consciousness: when does it emerge? How is it defined? Can we exercise our consciousness? Are animals conscious? How about rocks? Can consciousness transfer from one entity to another? Can it be measured? So many questions.

My goal here is to explore these questions and more with those who study them. I come from the perspective of a non-scientist, a non-philosopher (which is pretty evident!). I’m just a regular guy with questions.

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Thank you for listening!