In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Dr. Sam Ko, owner of Reset Ketamine. We discussed his insight into consciousness while working with Ketamine and his East-meets-West approach to healing. This is also the first episode that is also published on my other podcast, The Stoned Ape Reports, which covers healing with psychedelic medicines. So, please enjoy this episode with Dr. Sam Ko.

We discussed:

  1. Tell us about your practice, so, first, tell us about your practice, Reset Ketamine. Treatment resistant depression, PTSD, eastern-western approach to medicine
  2. Ketamine is used to help treat suicidal ideation and prevent suicide, correct?
  3. You mention that ketamine infusion treatment produces a dissociative experience known as a, “ketamine-induced non-ordinary state of consciousness.” Can you explain what that is? Eli Kope, Out of Body Experience
  4. Have you had patients who experience a near death experience in treatment? Dr. Marshialle real NDEs and stories about them; compared reports to 15,000 reports from DMT, Ketamine, other substances; 
    1. How is ketamine’s effect on the brain and consciousness different from other psychedelic medicines?
  5. Treatments allow one to access the unconscious part of the mind — memories, emotions, stories. What do you think is going on there which allows this experience to occur? Freud’s iceberg
  6. Ketamine blocks the default mode network. What happens to one’s experience of consciousness when this occurs? Similar to deep meditators
    1. Ego? Pollan’s book
  7. How does that relate specifically to one’s consciousness?
  8. How has your work with Ketamine shaped your idea of human consciousness?
    1. Physical, mental, spiritual concentric circles?
    2. Universal consciousness; connectedness
    3. Carl Jung: dreams access universal consciousness
    4. Bio-psycho-social medicine + spiritual
  9. Can you share a couple stories of outcomes from ketamine treatments?
  10. You mention that the spiritual part of us can get injured: what does that mean?
  11. Anything else you want to share regarding consciousness? Healing with Ketamine? Other ‘plant medicines’? Your practice?

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