In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Debra Diamond, a former Wall Street money manager, CNBC commentator and host of a CNN radio program who left a high profile job to pursue a life of spirituality and purpose. She is a graduate of the Holistic Studies Institute of New York, has completed mediumship training at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK and trained at the Carl Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a writer, artist, thinker, and psychic and provides a unique perspective on human consciousness.

We discussed the survival of consciousness, universal consciousness, and more. Please enjoy this episode with Dr. Debra Diamond.

Diary of a Death Doula

We discussed: 

  1. So, you left a high profile life to pursue a life of purpose and spirituality. What was the catalyst for that change?
  2. What is a hospice “Death Doula”? Others?
    1. Can you share a couple examples of your experiences as a death doula, as it pertains to your understanding of consciousness?
  3. You’ve studied those who came through near death experiences with extraordinary skills, powers, changes. What did that teach you about human consciousness?
    1. You also mentioned that they come back a little heavier (gassed up) in the physical:consciousness ratio. Are you able to communicate to other through consciousness?
  4. After the body dies, you say that “our ego dissolves and our consciousness emerges and carries on in an expansive environment not dependent on the physical body.” How does that work? What do you mean by the ego dissolving and consciousness emerging?
    1. What is the ego?
  5. You can see consciousness travel to new realms from a dying body. What are these other “realms” and “frequencies” that you have access to?
  6. So, once consciousness has left the body, it goes to the universal consciousness? What is the universal consciousness?
    1. You can tap into it?
    2. Can those without your skills/talents (like me, for example) tap into that universal consciousness?
  7. Does consciousness have an eternal existence? Before/after the physical body?
    1. What is this time on earth in this physical existence, then?
  8. What’s your take on altered states of consciousness (dreams, psychedelics, etc.)?
    1. Correlation to brain activity?
  9. You have unique insight into consciousness. Outside of your work, have you contemplated, philosophically, scientifically, NEURO-scientifically, what consciousness is and how it works? How do you define/describe consciousness? How do you think it works? Dualism? Physicalism? 
    1. Is consciousness the soul?
  10. What else do you want to share in the context of consciousness?
  11. What’s next for you, after this new book? Intuition
  12. What else?

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